Arizona Road Runners Summer Series Grand Prix

Here is the Summer Series Grand Prix Overall Male and Female results. The top three Male and Female runners win Overall Summer Series Grand Prix recognition and are pulled from the Age Category Grand Prix awards, enabling six additional age group award winners.

In other words fourth place finishers in age groups where there was an Overall award winner move up to third place in that age group.

Due to technical difficulties, the Overall Female Summer Series Grand Prix point totals had to be manually calculated. This also had a tangential impact on the Overall Male Summer Series point totals. For this reason, only an abbreviated spreadsheet is provided. For the vast majority of runners, the Summer Series Age Group competition is more pertinent, but we apologize for the lack of depth in the Overall Summer Series Grand Prix results.

Summary results are listed HERE.

Overall Arizona Road Racer Summer Series Grand Prix Results are listed HERE.

Each runner who finishes at least four of the Arizona Road Racer Summer Series is entered in the Summer Series Grand Prix. Plaques are awarded to the top three Overall runners, male and female, and the top three runners in each Age Group. There is no double dipping, so the top three Overall will be removed from the Age Group awards.

For the Summer Series Grand Prix, the Age Group of the first race run will establish the Age Group for the Grand Prix. That means that for runners who change Age Groups over the course of the summer, they will compete in the new Age Group for the individual races, but will still race in their previous Age Group for the Grand Prix.

For each race, a runner gets two sets of points, one for the Overall competition and one for the Age Group competition. In each race the top Overall runner gets 1000 points, the next finisher gets 999 and so on down. There are separate points for male and female.

In the Age Group competitions, the first place runner in each Age Group receives 200 points, the next finisher gets 199 and so on down.

The ARR Summer Series Grand Prix results are presented in two different versions, one sorted by Overall points and the other sorted by Age Group points. The same data is shown in each case, but the focus in one chart is Overall points and the other is Age Group Points.

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