How it Works:

1. A runner may compete in as few or as many of the races as they choose. Run a minimum of 4 races to be eligible for awards at the end of the year. Results from only 10 races will count. If a runner runs more than 10 races, only their 10 highest scores will count. Anyone running in 10 or fewer races will have all of their scores included.

2. GP scoring will include only GP registrants who are registered finishers of a GP race. No retroactive registration. Races will only be scored after your GP registration date.

3. Runners score according to their finish place out of all GP registered finishers each race. The first GP runner in each race will score 1,000 points. All others will score based upon a percentile determined by the  number of GP runners. If there are ten GP participants, first place will get 1000 points, second place will get 900 points…last place will get 100 points (1000 points/10 runners = 100 point increments).

4. Scores are tallied within age division for each gender. Runners do not change age divisions during the year. A runner’s division is set according to their age on the day of their first GP race. Points are awarded without regard to age or gender. Default scoring will be based on gun time; chip time may be used for races with wave/staggered starts.

5. Age groups for both male and females are: 0-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+. For an age group to exist, it must have at least two participants completing 4 races each. In addition, for an individual to win an age group they must run in at least 4 races. If your age group does not have the minimum participation, yours might be combined with the next younger age group.

6. There will be awards for the first 2 people in each age group, which will be presented at the ARR awards meeting held in January 2020.

7. Grand Prix standings throughout the year can be found at

8. The race dates listed above are subject to change, and should be confirmed prior to race day.

9. The cost is $5 for ARR members or $10 for non-members for the entire series. This does not include race entry fees – it is a one-time fee paid to ARR.